Training & Education a priority for Fiji

Tue, 19/10/2021, 01:06 am
Oceania Rugby
by Oceania Rugby

Fiji has emerged from a six-month long nationwide lockdown and in preparation to get back to playing rugby Fiji Rugby Union is running a Training & Education Super Month

Fiji’s month-long programme will see Fiji Rugby, supported by Oceania Rugby, work closely with the Fiji National Sport Commission, provincial unions, Primary and Secondary school’s rugby Associations and other sporting bodies to help train staff, coaches, match officials and medical officers. 

The programme will be delivered across four different geographical areas in Fiji and aims to accredit as many people as possible so that it builds up to the intended long term outcome of:

  • 1 coach per team
  • 1 Referee per two teams
  • 1 S&C per team
  • 1 FAIR trained official per team
  • All rugby stakeholders to be trained in World Rugby Principles of Leadership and management.

The courses delivered are in the follow areas: 

  • Coach Level 1 
  • MO Level 1 
  • S&C L1 for Adult 
  • Match Commissioner course 
  • FAIR - First Aid in Rugby Course 
  • PLM - Principles of Leadership and Management course

Fiji’s Training & Education Super Month ensures that people are trained and provided the opportunity to be up skilled ahead of the full return of Rugby in Fiji in 2022, following last week’s announcement inline with Fiji’s ‘safe return to training and play’. 

Fiji Super Rugby Month capitalises on Fiji dedicated work in the Training and Education space.

Oceania Rugby’s Training and Education Manger, Talemo Waqa praised Fiji’s commitment to player welfare and safety through staging this Training & Education Super Month.

"Fiji Rugby is following all national and rugby return to train and play protocols after the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions.

“The training being held over the course of October will help lead the charge with other Fiji Rugby Trainers to progress training in all areas of the game” Waqa said. 

Fiji National Development Manager, Koli Sewabu is thankful for the Boarders to Open again so face to face courses can go ahead.

"I am grateful for the Rugby Stakeholders for sending participants in numbers and for the adherence to the Return to Train Protocols instituted by the Trainers, Educators and COVID-19 Protocol officers." said Sewabu.

Sewabu also noted that preparation with online Zoom Courses has prepared the Unions to complete a number of courses on half the time allocation.

Each course will see approximately 160 participants trained per region for the 4 regions, a total of 640 participants per week. At the end of the month, Oceania Rugby and Fiji Rugby hopes to have trained around 2560 participants in all the above strands.

For more information on courses contact your National Union  or World Rugby.