Governance Documents

Strategic Plan

Oceania Rugby has developed, since 2009, several Strategic Plans which have guided the organisation in its development of rugby union in the region. These have been delivered and reviewed on a regular basis with ongoing reporting to the Executive Committee and Membership.

The current Strategic Plan was developed following a workshop held during the 2019 Annual General Meeting and guides the operational objectives during 2020-2023.

The eight strategic goals have varying degrees of elements of work that are required to be completed by both Oceania Rugby and our Member Unions. It should be noted that the Union related work dovetails into both World Rugby and Union Strategic Goals which relate to Governance, Participation, Training & Education, Player Welfare, Values of Rugby, Women’s Rugby, Competitions and Finance & Commercial. 

The eight strategic goals of the 2020-2023 Plan are: 

  1. Goal 1: Implementation of effective and dynamic regional governance initiatives
  2. Goal 2: Growing the game through programmes and partnerships
  3. Goal 3: Delivery of player welfare initiatives and game stakeholder training through education programmes
  4. Goal 4: Provide a media and communication environment which will service the needs of Oceania Rugby
  5. Goal 5: Provide a sustainable environment to grow the Women's game on and off the field
  6. Goal 6: Deliver meaningful and cost effective competitions 
  7. Goal 7: Implementation of Commercial Strategy 
  8. Goal 8: Implementation of Financial Strategy 

The full plan can be accessed here