Tonga Women's Rugby Union join Tonga Rugby Union Board

by Oceania Rugby

Tonga Rugby Union has welcomed a non-voting observer from the Tonga Women's Rugby Union to meetings of the Board of Directors.

The Tonga Women's Rugby Union has elected its President HE Honourable Titilupe Fanetupouvava'u Tuita Tu'ivakano as a non-voting representative of Tonga Women's Rugby Union to the Tonga Rugby Union Board.

Inviting an observer from Tonga Women's Rugby Union to the meetings is a positive step moving Tonga forward toward the goals of greater diversity in rugby representation. This historic milestone for rugby in the Kingdom of Tonga was endorsed by the Tonga Rugby Union Board and displays a renewed commitment of inclusiveness in the governance and a way forward for rugby in Tonga.

HE Honourable Titilupe Fanetupouvava'u Tuita Tu'ivakano has been the President of the Tonga Women's Rugby Union since it was established in 2016, known then as the Tonga Women's Rugby Association. 

Her Excellency led the Tonga Women's National Sevens team during the Oceania Rugby Sevens Championship tournaments in both 2016 and 2017. 

At all times Her Excellency actively supports and advocated for women's rugby in Tonga. On announcement of this renewed relationship with Tonga Rugby Union HE Honourable Titilupe Fanetupouvava'u Tuita Tu'ivakano said  "The role of our representative will be to lead the development of women's rugby, ensuring the successful promotion and development of women within the auspices of the Tonga Rugby Union."

Her Excellency is is currently serving Tonga's diplomatic mission in the United Kingdom, in her absence Tonga Women's Rugby Union Chair Ms 'Aisiena Taumoepeau will act as a proxy. 

In a media release on 8 March 2021 Tonga Women's Rugby Union gratefully acknowledged the Tonga Rugby Union for brining the vision of uniting Tonga Rugby Union and Tonga Women's Rugby Union, in particular the Chair, Board Members and the newly appointed CEO Peter Harding. 

Tonga Women's Rugby Union welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with dedicated and passionate people involved in rugby to work together in 2021 and beyond towards successfully building rugby and ensuring the sport thrives for all Tongan rugby players.